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Suggestions for Tagging:

Vimeo, YouTube, etc, allow tagging of media. For example: If you are posting videos taken some time in June, in San Francisco, intended for, you would add the following tags to each video: “San Francisco”, “SF”, “liveonbike”, “June”, and then descriptive tags about the video itself, example: “fossilfool”, “rocksthemike”

Now let’s look at the “liveonbike” tag for a second. You may wonder why we ask you to use “liveonbike” instead of “live on bike”. The reason is that typing in multi-word tags into sites like Vimeo and YouTube often results in the tags getting broken into their individual words. So, “live on bike” becomes “live”, “on”, and “bike”. And it becomes harder for people to find us. It’s not the worst thing in the world to use individual words, but as long as we’re starting from the beginning, let’s try to do it in the way that will help the scene grow.

Privacy Policy:

LiveOnBike has never sold the names or email addresses of our customers or online community members to any 3rd party. If we hear of cool web sites, email lists, etc., we will let you know in a 'opt-in' way. Do not worry that you will receive email from unknown third parties.